March at Coxleigh

March is looking fairly busy here at Coxleigh with lots on every week!

All of our events are open to anyone that fancies giving it a go so why not take a look at our list below and book yourself a lesson or pop up to take part in one of the competitions taking place here this month.

Don’t forget our stunning woodland tracks are open all year round and are very easy to book online!

We look forward to seeing lots of fresh spring faces here this month.

The Coxleigh team x

6th Evening Lessons with Sara Gallagher

7th Afternoon/ Evening LErica OldhamErica Oldham

10th Showjumping lAndrew Williams- Show Jumper Show Jumper

11th Open Clear round show jumping

13th Evening Lessons with Sara Gallagher

14th Dressage lTyler Bradshawler Bradshaw

17th Open Showjumping Competition

18th Dressage lessons with Tyler Bradshaw

20th Afternoon / Evening Lessons with Sara Gallagher

22nd Evening lessons with Erica Oldham

24&25th Junior Camp

29th Afternoon / Evening Showjumping lessons with Andrew Williams

30th Lessons with Sara Gallagher