Terms and Conditions

 Coxleigh Barton Equestrian Centre Facilities Disclaimer

  1. No persons under the age of 18 may use the cross country course unless accompanied by an adult
  2. No persons may ride on the course alone
  3. Back/Body protectors must be worn at all times
  4. Current safety standard riding hats must be worn at all times
  5. Rider takes full responsibility of checking each fence before jumping
  6. Any damage caused to a cross country fence, show jump or any property must be reported.
  7. Riders deemed to be riding dangerously may be asked to leave the course or the arena.
  8. The rider is responsible for determining whether or not the fences are suitable for the horse and riders ability
  9. The rider is responsible for checking all fences are safe to jump prior to jumping them, including show jumps in the arena.
  10. All dung must be removed immediately from the arena.
  11. The rider is responsible for checking the ground in front of them whilst riding on the tracks, looking out for holes on the ground and branches above them at all times.
  12. Any accidents must be reported and an accident form completed in the office.

The Horse Rider’s Code of Conduct

  • I understand that riding at any standard has inherent risk and that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions. I have been warned of the wildlife that live on the tracks, ie deer and pheasants and accept the risk.
  • I may fall off and could be injured. I accept that risk.
  • I understand that instructions are given for my safety and agree to follow instructions given.
  • I understand that wearing an appropriate riding hat and body protector may reduce the severity of an injury should an accident happen and agree that I will always wear a riding hat whilst riding.
  • I understand that children are at particular risk around horses and agree that I will keep any children that I am responsible for, under close supervision.
  • I understand that competing carries enhanced risk over and above general riding and agree that if I chose to participate in any competition or event, it is up to me to ensure that I have the experience and ability to ride the course including any jumps which form part of it. If I am in any doubt, I will use my judgment and experience and not enter.
  • I accept it is my responsibility to have an equine first aid kit should I need one.


Use of the equestrian facilities at Coxleigh Barton are carried out at entirely your own risk. No liability will be accepted for any injury, loss or damage suffered, whether occasioned by the negligence or breach of contract statutory duty of the owners, their servants, agents, employees or those connected with the Equestrian facilities.